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Key features of the system

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) systems are an indispensable tool in research laboratories that carry out a variety of scientific research, experiments and analyses. LIMS systems assist in the complete management of laboratory data, which is of great importance in fields such as environmental protection, biology, chemistry, pharmacology or the sciences.


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Why choose our system?

Database management:

– Customers (customer data, sampling locations, management of customer employees’ access to the web panel)

– Employees (authorisation data, mobile access, branch allocation)

– Contractors

– Sampling and testing services offered

– Equipment

Generation of offer documents, sampling protocols, test reports, processing of complaints and evaluations of contractors.

Evaluation of contractors and generation of a list of qualified contractors resulting from the registered evaluations.

Management of sampling and testing tasks resulting from ongoing orders.

Support of the sampler with regard to the location of sampling sites, methodologies, vessels and the optimal amount of sample to be taken.

Ideal for industries in the area:


Testing laboratories


  • mIdentification of samples via barcodes, printing of sample labels.
  • Recording of samples and field results through a dedicated mobile application
  • Generation of field sampling protocols and sharing with clients via web and Email.
  • Handling comments/information/remarks on orders, samples and reports.
  • Handling of general comments in the form of a laboratory messenger.
  • Management of test sheet templates.
  • Recording of results according to defined test sheets or dedicated forms in the system.
  • Grouping of results input.
  • Creation of a schedule of sample tests for the day’s work
  • Support of multiple laboratories in one centralised system.
  • Generation of reports and graphs on determinations performed
  • Order management / order document generation.
  • Creation of a list of supervised laboratory equipment
  • Support for scheduling calibration and checking equipment.
  • Recording and recalculation of test results and generation of evaluations for tests
  • Drafting module for specimen documents
  • Inventory management
  • Creation of any additional registers
  • Quality control by control cards
  • Support of qualified electronic signatures
  • Easy access to electronic reports and sapling protocols for customers through dedicated web customer panel
  • Mobile application
  • Fast and hassle-free installation and user-friendly and ergonomic operation of the system

Develop the laboratory

The introduction of LIMS into testing laboratories is key to improving quality, increasing efficiency, optimising processes and achieve more reliable results. This tool supports the growing field of scientific research, helping to accelerate progress in life sciences and other fields.


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