LabMaster LIMS in genetic laboratory

The genetic and immunological laboratory is part of the GENIM institute based in Lublin. The facility performs specialized tests based on genetic techniques, including Sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing, FISH and immunological tests in oncology patients. The test materials include paraffin blocks, peripheral blood, and cytological material. The aim of the tests performed in the laboratory is to detect predictive factors that allow the patient to be qualified for appropriate, innovative molecularly targeted therapies and immunotherapy as quickly and appropriately as possible. The research allows for treatment of cancer patients as part of drug programs in state health care facilities or as part of clinical trials with experimental new therapies in many specialized centers performing therapeutic activities.

Samples and genetic tests management

Thanks to the introduction of the LabMaster LIMS system, laboratory employees have access to sample management and monitoring from the moment a referral is issued by a doctor or medical facility.

Thanks to a website tailored and dedicated specifically to medical laboratories, the ordering doctor can choose the number of samples needed to be tested, as well as directly select the tests performed in the laboratory, depending on the type of material that has been collected. The website also offers a selection of test packages based on the most frequently performed genetic and immunological tests, depending on the organ being examined.

Samples in the system receive special codes with all the necessary data and go directly to the laboratory. Thanks to this function, employees save time and formalities related to sample acceptance. The system allows you to organize data and supervise samples or archives. By monitoring the entire research process, you can obtain data on the consumption of reagents for research, the type and technical data of laboratory equipment and the stock of both reagents and laboratory equipment.

Electronic reports document flow

abMaster allows you to enter the results of genetic and immunological tests, as well as their authorization by designated employees. Thanks to this, the method of generating test reports in accordance with applicable standards has been accelerated and simplified. After logging in to his/her profile on the website, the doctor referring the test receives a notification about the completion of the test and the availability of the results. Laboratory employees can easily create both monthly and annual reports on the number of tests performed for both a given facility and the referring physician.

Quality in the service of medicine

​The system is designed in an accessible and clear way, both for the laboratory employee and the medical facility ordering the test. LabMaster, by improving the flow of information, sample supervision, tests performed, as well as the method of entering and generating results, contributes to increasing the quality and efficiency in medical laboratories that perform specialized genetic or immunological tests.