Construction laboratories work optimization

Saving time, accelerating customer service, generating reports or access to results, as well as improving the flow of information, organizing data and efficient supervision of the flow of samples from collection to reporting, is offered by – a modern LIMS system (Laboratory Information Management System). to manage the research laboratory. It provides a wide range of possibilities including customer service, management processes and research processes conducted in modern laboratories.

Z myślą o laboratoriach budowlanych w LabMaster LIMS wprowadzono dedykowane im funkcje. Są to możliwości rejestracji i przeliczania wyników badań materiałów budowlanych, rejestrowania próbek i pomiarów terenowych przy użyciu aplikacji mobilnej czy etykietowania próbek w terenie za pomocą kodów kreskowych. Użytkownicy mogą też skorzystać z rozbudowanego procesu elektronicznego obiegu próbki na każdym etapie realizacji zlecenia.

LabMaster guarantees full research support and the generation of construction research reports in accordance with construction standards – these include, among others: tests of concrete strength, concrete identity, water permeability of concrete, frost resistance and water absorption of concrete, compressive strength of cement-stabilized soil, as well as tests of aggregates and bituminous masses.

The system also supports field tests in the field, such as testing the degree of soil compaction with a light DPL probe, the soil compaction index using the pressed cylinder method, or the ground elastic modulus using a dynamic plate.

As part of the concrete testing service, functions for compliance assessment, test planning and creating a sampling schedule have been developed specifically for concrete plants.

LabMaster includes dedicated functions supporting the testing of building materials in the laboratory, and also allows customers to access test documentation in electronic form via a web client panel.